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Whether you are a land owner or manager, farmer or smallholder you are likely to be seeking solutions that combine the use of traditional skills and materials.

The team at Willowcraft and Woodlands have extensive experience of providing services that will both enhance and benefit the natural environment. We specialise in willow planting and management,soil and pond bank stabilisation,cleft wood fencing and traditional hedge laying.

Willow Planting

Willow planting either for shelter belts or willow production is particularly suited to the large garden owner or smallholder farmer. Willow beds are quick to establish and easy to maintain. Depending on your requirements the willow can be managed to provide material for garden and art projects or for firewood production.


Soil Stabilisation




Soil Stabilisation or revetement can be achieved naturally by planting live willows into banks or areas of differing soil levels. It is an excellent way to support ponds, rivers, terraces and areas of land at risk of slippage.

Traditional Cleft Wood Fencing


Traditional Cleft Wood Fencing
Oak or sweet chestnut wood is cleft, or split, using hand tools along its natural grain. This produces a natural and long lasting fence and is an attractive alternative to post and wire methods. 

Hedge laying


Traditional hedge laying is carried out in winter. It helps to prolong the strength and lifespan of a mixed broadleaf hedge.

Cutting into the stem of a mature hedge plant encourages new growth while the laid stem continues to grow.

As well as looking attractive this method encourages bio-diversity and provides wildlife habitat and a barrier to stock animals.